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Our Itinerary

Our Itinerary

The itinerary given can change before and of course during the trip. We will take off the 29th of December for ten months.

Here are some examples of visits we would like to do:

  • Argentina: visit vineyards in Mendoza or San Juan in order to understand the specificities of the Argentinean wine; meet tango footwear manufacturers; leaser artisans; sculptors working in Cafayate or Jujuy (antler and silver creations) ; ceramicists (black ceramist of Cafayate and Bariloche); discover Huarpes and Araucanis’ weaving techniques at Mendoza…
  • Chile: spend a day on a fisherman’s boat; discover basketry techniques ; the pisco production (alcohol); visit coca plantations (the coca leaf is widely used and consumed as an infusion or as a medicinal herb for stomach ache and altitude sickness)
  • Bolivia: meet alpaga wool producers; farmers who produce quinoa seeds and cap makers in Sucre
  • Perou: go in ceramics workshop ; visit vineyards; coffee plantations in the north and meet weavers and potters at Ayacucho
  • New Zealand: let’s go in a kiwi farm (the fruit of course)
  • Indonesia: know more about wood furniture making; go in rice, coffee, vanilla, clove and sugarcane plantations (so many options in this country)
  • China: discover the puerh tea plantations (traditional activity in the Yunnan area); admire fireworks in Liuyang (a city specialised in the production of fireworks); visit a luxury house which produces works of art (furniture, jewels…); observe the acquering techniques and taste the Sichuan pepper
  • Mongolia: try to know more things about the cashmere industry
  • India: spend time in a saris workshop; meet jewelry makers… We need to complete this short list 😉
  • Ouzbequistan: meet ceramicists who use this famous blue color to decorate their creations; the silk road is not just an old souvenir and we will go to visit silk workshops around Marguilan (Fergana valley area); in Samarkand, discover the techniques used by papermakers…

Of course, you can contact us if you have suggestions!

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