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About us

We have two lovers… our country and the other end of the world!

We can change lives in a book. Erase everything with a single word. Reduce the weight of the things. Eliminate nasty moments and at the end of the sentence, be at the other end of the world. (extract from La liste de mes envies – Grégoire Delacourt)

Books allow us to dream, to escape from our day to day life. But travelling by reading is not the unique solution we have. That’s why we have decided to take our bags and to do this unexpected travel, touch the other end of the world and come back. And take off, again and again…

« I have two lovers », the song performed by Josephine Baker, Madeleine Peyroux, explains well our feelings. We have two lovers, is a mix between what we know and love « our country » and what we want to discover, « the end of the world » (in Josephine’s case, « My country and Paris », she left her country and adopted another one).

So we are leaving to discover the global village and its know-how. Our website “WorldFactoryTour” will be the link between our country, friends or family and us and what we are going to live during ten months.

Cyrielle Durand, the first “D”, also called Cyd, Cycy or Cereal

Cyrielle Durand has a five year university degree in Communication and Change Management from the Graduate School of Management – IAE Aix-en-Provence. She is consultant and work on digital project.

Cyrielle is dynamique, pro active and curious. She had the chance to live in Morroco during 11 years. She wants to work in an international environment and why not, live abroad.

I like food, tasting new dishes and drink wine! I enjoy walking and cycling in Paris with my camera, discovering new addresses, identifying details at the corner of a stress or on a building… Listening to English or Spanish people talking in the stress makes me in a good mood. When I am quite, I enjoy sewing and knitting. 😉

Laurent Drapeau, the second “D” is also known as Loul, Youle or Pop

Laurent Drapeau is an engineer with a five year university degree from Centrale Marseille. He works as a freelance in the web.

Self-taught, Laurent is creative and funny. He also had the chance to live abroad (Senegal). This trip will be the opportunity to improve his English and Spanish.

I am curious of many things. This trip will be a mix of discoverings, meetings and for sure, some wird and complex experiences.

We have many similarities: gourmets, we love travelling, the taste of adventure… We are specialised in making punch and love organising parties.

We also created another website ComptoirDesEntreprises in order to talk about the industrial tourism in France (so now you understand why we chose this theme for our trip).

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