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What is the WorldFactoryTour ?

What is the WorldFactoryTour ?

The WorldFactoryTour is discovering women and men’s know-how all around the world.

This project is driven by two ideas: discover and share the know-how “made in the other end of the world” and share the “made in France”.

We plan to visit factories, meet craftsmen, farmers… and also visit scientific and technical museums.

Why have we chosen the theme “Industrial Tourism” for our trip?

We are convinced that the industrial tourism is an original way to discover a country (such as visiting monuments, walking in the street of a city or of a small village, going to the museum or going for a 3 days trek…). The industrial tourism allows doing interesting visits, getting off the beaten track and crowded places, learning crafts and methods, and above all, meeting women and men !

One year ago, we created ComptoirDesEntreprises, a website on the industrial tourism in France and now, we have decided to choose this theme for our trip.

Know more about the industrial tourism:

Discover the “made in the other end of the world”

Before eating a chocolat bar, how do we cultivate the cocoa bean? And the quinoa seeds which are loved by all the French people? Where does the alpaga wool come from? Argentinean and French wine, same techniques? How do we obtain a colourful firework?
So many questions and topics to discover…

Each visit will be the opportunity to talk about the know-how (ancient and actual) with the people we will meet, to discover the specificities of each job, to have more information about the characteristics of the products made. We will be able to understand the issues of the day, to know more about the woman’s place and how the activity is integrated in its local environment.

We want to share our visits and meetings by writing articles, making photo reports and videos. When we will come back in France, we would like to organise exhibitions!

Share the “made in France”

How the original products are transformed? By who? We would be glad to share the French know-how.

“Our trip can be the opportunity to share information with local producers, to show them videos, testimonies and give them products.

If you have ideas or contacts, let us know!

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